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Developing Programs for English Language Learners: Implementation

Resource Materials for Planning and Self-Assessments

Program Evaluation

Program Implementation Information

Following are questions to consider in collecting and maintaining information needed to determine whether all aspects of the district's ELL program are being evaluated.

  • Does the evaluation cover all procedural and service provision requirements set forth in the district's ELL plan, including:

    • the identification process?

    • the student assessment process?

    • the provision of program services to all students with identified needs?

    • the provision of staff and resources consistent with program design?

    • following established criteria for transitioning students from ELL program services?

    • the implementation of monitoring practices for students who have transitioned from ELL program services?

  • Is the information collected on each ELL program element assessed with reference to the specific requirements of the district's ELL plan? (For example, when looking at the process for identifying potential ELL students, does the evaluation determine whether the district has followed the established plan for identifying potential ELL students, referral for English language assessment, and criteria for transitioning and/or exiting from ELL services?)

  • Does the evaluation determine whether staff have followed applicable procedural and service requirements, including frequency, timeliness, and documentation?

  • Do information sources and methods for gathering information to evaluate whether the program is being implemented as planned include, among others, the following examples:

    • file and records reviews?

    • staff interviews and surveys?

    • input from parents, student surveys, or focus group meetings?

    • grievances or complaints made to the district regarding program implementation or service delivery?

Last Modified: 01/16/2020