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Developing Programs for English Language Learners: Program Placement Chart

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Developing a Program
Program Evaluation
Other Resources
   list bulletThree Principles
   list bulletProgression
   list bulletProgram Overview
   list bulletIdentification
   list bulletAssessment
   list bulletPlacement
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ELL Program Placement

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All ELL students placed into the district's ELL program:
  • Develop English language skills
  • Have opportunity for meaningful participation in the educational program

ELL Program Design Elements


ELL students are provided facilities comparable to those provided to the overall student population


ELL program staff are appropriately trained and sufficient in number to fully implement the ELL program

Instructional Materials

The quantity and quality of instructional materials are adequate to fully implement the district's ELL program

Parental Notification

Parents of ELL students are provided effective notice of program options and school activities

Peer Integration

ELL students are not segregated from their English-speaking peers except as necessary to implement the ELL program

Special Programs

ELL students have an opportunity to participate in district special programs


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Last Modified: 01/16/2020