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Title IX: Interscholastic Athletics: Wake County Public School System (NC) (11-11-1040); Houston Independent School District (TX) (06-11-1061); Columbus City Schools (OH) (15-11-1036); Deer Valley Unified School District (AZ) (08-11-1030)

On July 2, 2012, OCR resolved Title IX complaints filed against the Wake County Public School System, the Houston Independent School District (TX) and the Columbus City Schools. On June 6, 2012, OCR resolved a Title IX complaint filed against the Deer Valley Unified School District. The complaints were filed by the National Women's Law Center and alleged that the school districts discriminated against female students by failing to effectively accommodate their athletic interests and abilities. Prior to the conclusion of OCR's investigations, the school districts entered into Resolution Agreements with OCR.  Under the Agreements, each of the four districts commits to ensuring that it will provide an equal opportunity for female students to participate in the athletics programs at its high schools.  Each district will conduct an assessment to determine whether there are unmet interests and abilities among female students, and if there are unmet interests and abilities, the districts will take steps to increase athletic opportunities for female students.  These steps may include new sports teams for girls, additional levels for existing teams or increased squad size for existing teams.  The actions are to be taken by the next competitive season for the particular sport. The districts will also develop, implement and publicize a procedure for students or other interested parties, such as coaches or parents, to use in requesting the addition of new sports or levels of sports at the high schools.  The districts will provide annual notice to students, coaches, and other district staff of all of the sports offered at each high school. 

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Last Modified: 01/15/2020