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Title IX: Sexual Harassment: The Ohio State University (OSU): (15106002)

On September 11, 2014, OCR issued its Title IX resolution letter regarding its sexual harassment/violence compliance review of The Ohio State University and the resolution agreement obtained to resolve the review. The review examined whether the University responded promptly and equitably to complaints, reports and any other notice of incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and whether any failure to respond appropriately allowed for the creation and/or continuation of a sexually hostile environment. OCR determined that the University’s notice of nondiscrimination complies with the Title IX requirements, but that the University violated Title IX in its written grievance policies and procedures failed to comply with the requirements of Title IX. Prior to the conclusion of OCR’s investigation of the remaining issues in the review, the University signed the resolution agreement, in which it agreed to revise its sexual harassment/violence policies and procedures; review the handling of sexual harassment/violence complaints and reports since the 2011-12 academic year and continue to provide and expand mandatory sexual assault and harassment training to all members of the university community. The University also agreed to establish a campus focus group to provide input on strategies for ensuring that students understand their rights under Title IX, how to report possible violations, and the University’s obligation to promptly and equitably respond to Title IX complaints. The University committed to take action to ensure students and staff members are aware of Title IX’s prohibition against sexual assault and sexual harassment, including how to recognize it when it occurs, and how to report incidents; and provide timely and effective interim relief for complainants, including academic adjustments, housing changes, counseling, and health and mental services, as necessary, and document this relief in investigative files.

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Last Modified: 01/15/2020