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Title IX: Sexual Harassment: Notre Dame College (OH): (15096001)

Notre Dame College (College) submitted an agreement to resolve a Title IX compliance review that OCR initiated to investigate whether the College was complying with Title IX with respect to the College’s policies, procedures, and practices for addressing complaints regarding sexual harassment and sexual violence filed by or on behalf of students. Prior to the conclusion of OCR’s investigation and any findings, the College asked to enter into the Voluntary Resolution Agreement which, when fully implemented, will ensure that the College does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities that it operates. The agreement requires the College to revise and publish its Title IX grievance procedure concerning complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence; to designate a Title IX coordinator to oversee the College’s efforts to comply with Title IX; to ensure that the Title IX coordinator, and any other College officials involved in processing complaints of sexual harassment, receive appropriate training from the College and OCR on Title IX, how to investigate complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and the link between alcohol abuse and sexual harassment/sexual violence; to provide with OCR similar training on Title IX to College administrators, professors, instructors, residential assistants, coaches, and other staff who interact with students on a regular basis; to develop an ongoing Title IX training program for College faculty and staff; to develop material concerning sexual harassment and sexual violence for distribution to students; to create a campus focus group consisting of leaders from the student community and College officials to provide input regarding strategies for ensuring that students understand their rights under Title IX; to host informational sessions for students regarding Title IX, sexual harassment; to report to OCR regarding the number of sexual harassment complaints it receives and how they were handled by the College pursuant to its newly revised grievance procedures; to conduct periodic climate checks with students to assess the effectiveness of these steps to ensure a campus free of sexual harassment and sexual violence; and to coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure that in instances where a complaint involves conduct of a criminal nature, the College will be able to meet its obligation under Title IX to promptly investigate complaints of sexual harassment and sexual violence and to take appropriate interim steps to ensure the safety of victims and the campus community.  Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (1.42M) | Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (60K)

Last Modified: 01/15/2020