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Title IX: Athletics: Idaho Falls School District 91 (ID) (10095002)

OCR conducted a compliance review of the Idaho Falls School District 91 (IFSD) that addressed whether the district was in compliance with Title IX’s requirement that school districts that sponsor athletic programs must provide equal athletic opportunities for members of both sexes. Among other factors, the regulation requires a recipient to equally effectively accommodate the athletic interests and abilities of students of both sexes. Based on compliance concerns identified, a resolution agreement was obtained. The district agreed to evaluate its athletic program to determine if girls have unmet interest and ability in current sports offered; sports not offered, but for which there is competition in the district’s normal competitive area; and in developing new sports. Following the evaluation the district is to develop a plan to meet the interests and abilities of girls as well as a procedure to document requests for sports and to ensure that squads are maintained to provide the maximum number of opportunities consistent with interest in the sport. The district is reporting to OCR throughout its self-evaluation, action plan development and implementation.

Read the Compliance Review download files PDF (200K) | Read the Settlement Agreement download files PDF (106K)

Last Modified: 01/15/2020