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Henderson Independent School District (TX) (06111487)

Henderson Independent School District (TX): In June 2012, OCR resolved a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of sex and retaliation, specifically that the District failed to take prompt and effective action to address sexually harassing conduct (sexual assault and subsequent harassing conduct) and removal from the high school and placement into DAEP with the student’s alleged attacker. The school agreed to undertake systemic changes, including issuance and dissemination of a statement that the school does not tolerate sexual harassment (including sexual assault), a mandatory training session for all employees so that they know to report harassment to appropriate school officials, and creation of a Committee consisting of District staff (to include the District’s Title IX Coordinator) and students in order to develop strategies and materials for educating students, parents, and employees about issues related to sexual harassment/violence. The District will also conduct climate checks with all enrolled students to assess the effectiveness of steps taken to ensure that District campuses are free of sexual harassment, including sexual assaults and sexual violence.

Read the Resolution Letter PDF (111K) | Read the Resolution Agreement PDF (63.1K)

Last Modified: 01/15/2020