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Title VI: Discipline: Minneapolis Public Schools (District) (MN) (05-12-5001)

On November 13, 2014, the Minneapolis Public Schools (District) entered into a voluntary Agreement to resolve a Title VI compliance review that OCR initiated regarding the equitable discipline of students. According to the Agreement, the District will make revisions to its discipline polices and procedures; designate employees to serve as the District’s Discipline Supervisor and complaint coordinator; consult with and, as necessary, retain an expert to assess and make recommendations to address the root causes on the racial disparity in discipline in the District; establish a District-wide discipline team to review the disciplinary actions taken at each school on an ongoing basis to ensure that the actions are non-discriminatory and consistent with the District’s discipline policies and procedures; conduct an annual review of data collected regarding disciplinary referrals and sanctions at each school and by each teacher; ensure that except in emergency situations, school staff employ a range of corrective measures before referring a student to disciplinary authorities; provide a system of supports to assist students who display behavior problems; provide annual training programs on discipline to District personnel and students and informational programs for parents and guardians; review and revise its policy on involuntary administrative transfers and its School Resource Officer program to ensure their effectiveness in furthering the goals of the agreement, and provide annual training to all School Resource Officers; administer annually a comprehensive climate survey to students, teachers/staff, and parents at all District schools to measure the perceptions of students and other members of the community in connection with the administration of school discipline, and following OCR review and approval, take steps to address concerns raised by the survey results; establish uniform standards for the content of student discipline files at all District schools; and develop a means to convey to the public data on the use of discipline.

Read the Press Release | Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (271K) | Read Resolution Agreement download files PDF (278K).


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