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Title VI: Independent School District #742 (MN) OCR Complaint No. 05-10-1146

Independent School District #742 (District) submitted an agreement to resolve a Title VI complaint alleging harassment of Somali students at the District's Apollo and Technical Senior High Schools. Prior to the conclusion of the investigation, the District signed a Resolution Agreement in which it agreed to take all reasonable steps to ensure that all students enrolled in the District are not subject to harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, and to respond promptly and appropriately to all reports of harassment. To that end, the District agreed to take a number of specific steps, including: (1) issuing an anti-harassment statement to all District students, parents and staff; (2) reviewing and revising its harassment and disciplinary policies and procedures to ensure they provide the District sufficient options for responding promptly and appropriately to incidents of harassment; (3) conducting training of District faculty, staff and students on discrimination and harassment; (4 ) meeting with Somali high school students to discuss their concerns about harassment; (5) maintaining a student committee at each District high school to provide a forum for students to discuss matters concerning harassment and suggest measures for improving the effectiveness of the District's anti-harassment program; (6) establishing a working group of District personnel, community representatives, parents and students to make recommendations regarding the District's anti-harassment program; (7) developing a District-wide age-appropriate orientation program for all students to address harassment; (8) maintaining a district-level monitoring program to assess the effectiveness of the District's anti-harassment efforts; and (9) providing annual compliance reports to OCR while the Agreement is in effect. Read the Resolution Letter download files PDF (118K) | Read the Resolution Agreement download files PDF (107K)


Last Modified: 01/15/2020