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Broward County Public Schools (FL) (04141738)

Broward County Public Schools (FL): In August 2016, OCR resolved a complaint alleging that schools in this district fostered sex discrimination by instituting single-sex programs in the school’s English, math, science, and social studies classes. Specifically, the complainant alleged that the district classified students by sex without adequate justification, used teaching methods that promote broad gender stereotypes, failed to ensure voluntary participation of students, failed to provide a substantially coeducational alternative, and failed to properly evaluate the single-sex programs. The investigation found that the schools implementing single-sex education violated Title IX because they did not provide any justification or sufficient information to demonstrate why single-sex education helped the district achieve its academic goals. Additionally, OCR found that enrollment into the single-sex curriculum was not voluntary, and the district did not offer a substantially coeducational alternative. The agreement commits the district to discontinue offering single-sex classes at all schools and to certify in writing to OCR that notices of discontinuation were distributed to all parents and/or guardians of students enrolled in all of the schools in which the district offered single-sex classes during the 2015-16 school year.

Read the Resolution Letter PDF (260.08K) | Read the Resolution Agreement PDF (92.69K)

Last Modified: 01/15/2020