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Stakeholder Correspondence

Date Author (From) Recipient (To) Organization Subject

2020/06/26 Betsy DeVos
Kenneth L. Marcus
Education Leader  

56th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 PDF (153K)

2020/05/15 Kenneth L. Marcus John F. Banzaff, III The George Washington University Law School Regional Centers for Title IX Adjudications PDF (153K)

2020/05/06 Betsy DeVos K-12 Educators   Title IX Final Rule PDF (150K)

2020/03/04 Kenneth L. Marcus Education Leaders  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak
PDF (109K)

  • En español (Spanish) PDF (66K)
  • العربيّة (Arabic) PDF (656.2K)
  • 情况说明书 (Sim. Chinese) PDF (120K)
  • 情況說明書 (Trad. Chinese) PDF (208K)
  • 한국어 (Korean)  PDF (166K)
  • Tagalog (Tagalog)  PDF (65K)
  • Việt-ngữ (Vietnamese) PDF (135K)

2019/01/07 Kenneth L. Marcus Daniel J. Piedra Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund Title VI and Anti-Muslim Bullying PDF (703K)

2018/11/02 Kenneth L. Marcus Emily Martin National Women’s Law Center Ohio State PDF (731K)

2018/06/13 Betsy DeVos Honorable Tom Wolf Governor of Pennsylvania Title IX Interim Guidance PDF (573K)

2018/04/09 William Trachman Katie McDonough Girls for Gender Equity Discipline under Title IX PDF (458K)

2017/08/28 Betsy DeVos

Honorable Josh Shapiro et al.

State Attorney Generals Title IX Enforcement PDF (7.3MB)

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