Restricted Rate Listing (Master List)
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  Restricted Rate Listing (Master List)  
CFDA # Title Organization
84.003A Transitional Bilingual Education Program OBEMLA
84.003B Developmental - Special Comp Middle School Priority OBEMLA
84.003C Developmental Bilingual Education Program OBEMLA
84.003D Transitional Bilingual Education - Math / Science Priority OBEMLA
84.003 Special Alternative Instructional Program OBEMLA
84.003F Special Alternative Special Comp Middle School Priority OBEMLA
84.003K Special Alternative Instructional Program - Math / Science OBEMLA
84.003L Special Populations Program OBEMLA
84.003M Transitional Bilingual Ed. Special Comp - Recent Arrival Priority OBEMLA
84.003N Special Alternative / Special Comp Recent Arrival Priority OBEMLA
84.288S Bilingual Education: Program Development and Implementation Grants OBEMLA
84.289P Bilingual Education : Program Enhancement Grants OBEMLA
84.290U Bilingual Education: Comprehensive School Grant OBEMLA
84.291R Bilingual Education: System Wide Improvement Grants OBEMLA
84.010A Title I Programs: Local Education Agencies OESE
84.011A Migrant Education: Basic State Formula Grant Program OESE
84.041 Impact Aid Program OESE
84.060A Indian Education - Local Education Agencies OESE
84.186A Drug-free Schools / Community Prog - State and Local Program OESE
84.207A Drug-free Schools and Community / School Personnel Training OESE
84.216A Capital Expenses / Private Schools OESE
84.241A Drug-free Schools: Counselor Training OESE
84.277A Safe Schools Act OESE
84.282A Charter Schools OESE
84.298A Innovative Education Program Strategies OESE
84.994J Safe Schools Act OESE
84.995A Compensary Education Grant Back Awards - Reimbursable OESE
84.203A Star School Program OERI
84.203B Star School Program Special Statewide OERI
84.203C Star School Program Dissemination OERI
84.215S Elementary School Counseling and Demonstration Project OERI
84.994T National Writing Project OERI
84.002A Adult Education: State Grant Program OVAE
84.048A Vocational Education: Basic Grants to States OVAE
84.048B* Pacific Vocational Educational Improvement Project OVAE
84.049* Vocational Education - Consumer and Homemaking Education OVAE
84.051* National Vocational Education Research - NCRVE OVAE
84.053* Vocational Education: State Councils OVAE
84.077* Bilingual Vocational Training OVAE
84.099* Bilingual Vocational Instructor Training OVAE
84.101* Vocational Education: Indian Set-Aside OVAE
84.174* Vocational Education: Community Based Organizations Pre 94 OVAE
84.193* Demonstration Center for the Training of Dislocated Workers OVAE
84.199* Cooperative Demonstration Programs OVAE
84.243* Tech-Prep Education OVAE
84.244* Business and Education Standards OVAE
84.245* Tribally Controlled Postsecondary VOC Institutions OVAE
84.248* Integration of Vocational and Academic Learning OVAE
84.253* Vocational Education: Supplementary Grants OVAE
84.259* Native Hawaiian Vocational Education OVAE
84.027A Handicapped-State Grants OSERS
84.173A Handicapped-Preschool Grants OSERS
84.181A Special Education: Grants for Infants and Families with Disabilities OSERS
84.224A State Grants for Assistive Technology OSERS
84.231A Innovation and Demonstration Technology Grants OSERS
84.031A Strengthening Program OPE
84.031B IAP - Strengthening HBCU Program OPE
84.031G Endowment Grant Program OPE
84.031S Strengthening Institutions - Hispanic Serving Inst. OPE
84.142A College Facilities Loan Program OPE
84.153A Business International Education OPE
84.220A Centers for International Business OPE
84.269A Institute for International Public Policy OPE
84.274A American Overseas Research Centers OPE
* Any funds awarded under the Perkins Act are subject to a restricted rate when used  
  jointly with funds awarded under JTPA (section 123, Title II, and Title III). Additionally,  
  funds awarded under Title II of the Perkins Act are always subject to a restricted  
  indirect cost rate regardless of how they are used.  

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