OCFO: Office of Chief Financial Officer
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Indirect Cost Group (ICG)

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Indirect Cost Group:

  • Liaisons with Office of Management and Budget and other Federal Agencies in implementing the Office of Management and Budget regulations under 2CFR 200.

  • Establishes and approves indirect cost methods and other cost allocation plans used to charge costs under Federal awards through desk audits and site visits.

  • Issues Department delegations to State Education Agencies for local education agency indirect cost oversight after approving methodologies.

  • Negotiates and settles liabilities resulting from excessive indirect cost reimbursements.

  • Resolves indirect cost issues in audits.

  • Provides technical advice and support to Cooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative (CAROI) Teams, Office of the Inspector General staff and Contract and Grant personnel.

  • Develops cost policy and other financial oversight guidance.

  • Represents the Department on interagency task forces and national grants policy initiatives.

  • Develops and conducts training on Federal oversight role at conferences and workshops.

Last Modified: 01/14/2016