Federal Career Intern Program
Archived Information

The Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) is designed to help agencies recruit and attract exceptional individuals into a variety of occupations. It was created under Executive Order 13162, and is intended for positions at grade levels GS-5, 7, and 9. In general, individuals are appointed to a 2-year internship. Upon successful completion of the internships, the interns may be eligible for permanent placement within an agency.

FCIP can be used for entry-level position that lend themselves to internal formal training/developmental programs leading to journey-level positions in the agency. FCIP opportunities may be announced a variety of ways, including ED'S intranet website, the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM's) internet website, or with college placement officials.

All applications received in response to FCIP announcement will be evaluated in comparison with OPM qualification standard.

For more information contact Linda Little, FCIP Coordinator, at (202) 401-3609.

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Last Modified: 01/21/2011