Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP)

A program designed by an agency to actively assist its surplus and displaced employees by providing selection priority for competitive service vacancies. Under the career transition assistance plan (CTAP), you must notify employees who are surplus or have been displaced from your agency of vacancies that your agency plans to fill in their local commuting area. (See Chapter 4 and 5 CFR Part 330).

Under the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP), Federal agencies provide special selection priority for their own agency surplus or displaced employees.

To receive CTAP consideration, you must apply to a position:
• in the local commuting area
• that is at or below the grade level from which you’re being separated, and
• that does not have greater promotion potential than the position from which you’re being
• You must be determined to be well-qualified for the job; and
• You must submit proof of eligibility by the closing date of the announcement.

What to submit:
For proof of CTAP eligibility, you must provide a copy of a document from each of the following three categories:

1. One of the following: • Your Reduction in Force (RIF) separation notice;
• Your Reduction in Force (RIF) notice offering a lower graded position accompanied by a declination of the offer (the RIF notice must state that declination will result in separation under RIF);
• Notice of proposed removal for declining a directed geographic relocation outside the local commuting area (for example, a directed reassignment or change in duty station);
• Certificate of expected separation; or
• Other official agency certification or notification indicating that your position is surplus (for example, a notice of position abolishment or a notice of eligibility for discontinued service retirement).

2. Your Notification of Personnel Action(s), SF-50(s), or other official documentation that shows:

a. You are a current: i. career or career-conditional competitive service employee, in tenure group 1 or 2, at grade GS-15 or equivalent and below; or
ii. excepted service employee serving without time limit at grade GS-15 or equivalent and below who has been conferred noncompetitive appointment eligibility and selection priority by law for competitive service positions; and

b. The position you may be or are being separated from:

i. Is equal to or higher than the grade of the job announced; and
ii. Has the same or higher promotion potential as the job announced; and
iii. Is in the same local commuting area as the job announced.

3. Your most recent performance rating of record (which must be rated at least fully successful or equivalent).

Last Modified: 07/30/2015