Federal Reserve Education

Agency: Federal Reserve System (FRS)

Program: Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve System (FRS), often called "the Fed," is the central bank of the United States. As such, the Fed has three well-known responsibilities: Conducting monetary policy; supervising and regulating financial institutions; and providing services to financial institutions. In addition to these functions, the Fed also acts as the fiscal agent for the U.S. Treasury and is engaged in consumer protection activities.

The actions of the Federal Reserve System affect everyone. Economic conditions in the United States and worldwide are impacted by how well the Fed does its job. Promoting the integrity of our financial institutions, the efficiency of our payments systems, the adequacy of our money and credit, and the purchasing power of our dollar are all responsibilities of the Fed. Federalreserveeducation.org is an online education network designed to educate teachers, students, and the public on the Federal Reserve System and other economic and financial subjects. The following is a list of educational resources at the Fed.

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Last Modified: 09/03/2019