Ombudsman Corner

To help ensure equitable services and other benefits for eligible private school children, teachers and other educational personnel, and families, a State educational association must designate an ombudsman to monitor and enforce equitable services requirements under both Title I and Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA sections 1117(a)(3)(B) and 8501(a)(3)(B)). The Ombudsman Corner provides helpful information and resources to assist State ombudsmen in fulfilling this role.

Ombudsman Update

July 2017 [PDF, 285KB]

October 2017 [PDF, 564KB]

January 2018 [PDF, 283KB]

April 2018 [PDF, 251KB]

July 2018 [PDF, 201KB]

October 2018 [PDF, 296KB]

January 2019 [PDF, 164KB]

April 2019 [PDF, 770KB]

July 2019 [PDF, 930KB]

October 2019 [PDF, 782KB]

January 2020 [PDF, 821KB]

July 2020 [PDF, 950KB]

Additional Resources

ESEA Equitable Services 101 (July 2022) [PowerPoint, 1.39MB]

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