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The International Visitors Program is a professional exchange program that seeks to encourage mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations, and to support people-to-people connections. Through communication at the personal and professional level, the program is carefully designed to partner current and emerging international leaders in government, politics, media, education, arts, business and other key fields with ED specialists on a wide variety of education topics to exchange knowledge and lessons learned.

The Department of Education receives international visitors from around the world. Visits by international visitors are managed by the International Affairs Office. Visitors include government officials, legislators, researchers, educators, students, media and other professionals who are interested in learning about education in the U.S. On average, the Department hosts more than 1,200 visitors from 143 countries annually.

The Department also welcomes international dignitaries - ministers, vice ministers and ambassadors - in an ongoing effort to promote global learning through the sharing of best practices and lessons learned.

Principal Regions of Origin: Asia
Latin America
Leading Professions: Government Officials
Higher Education Faculty
School Teachers
Major Topics of Interest: U.S. Education System
ED Initiatives
Postsecondary Education
English Language Acquisition
FY 2009 – 2010: 1,161 visitors received
FY 2008 – 2009: 1,300 visitors received
ED Contact:     Sambia Shivers-Barclay


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Last Modified: 06/08/2011