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This subdirectory lists programs by the international education topic to which they relate, in alphabetical order. A brief description of each program and links for further information are provided. If a Web site or home page does not exist, then contact information is included instead.

Assessments and Indicators:

  • NCES International Programs describes the major international survey and assessment programs that NCES administers itself or participates in together with other national statistical agencies and organizations.

Civics and Economics Education:

  • Cooperative Civic Education and Economic Education Exchange Program provides funding to U.S. organizations experienced in developing curricula and program activities in civic, government and economic education, for students in elementary and secondary schools, to carry out cooperative educational exchange program activities with emerging democracies.

Educational Activities and Events:

  • International education Week (IEW) is an annual celebration co-organized by the Departments of Education and State, highlighting the important benefits of international education and international exchanges in the United States and around the world. Each year, activities are focused on a different theme.

Educational Technology:

  • Asia Pacific Network for Education Web Portal is an on-line resource to promote collaboration and information sharing to improve education in the Asia-Pacific region. It is coordinated through the APEC Cyber Education Cooperation with support from the APEC Education Foundation and the APEC Education Network.
  • Learning About Each Other Website is an on-line resource for middle and high school students designed to promote mutual understanding and cooperation within the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region.
  • Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) is a joint NIDRR-EU program to address newly emerging accessibility issues in the Web industry and to expand implementation of existing Web accessibility solutions via policy and guidelines development, technical assistance and documentation.

Foreign Language Learning:

  • Foreign Language Assistance Program provides grants to state education agencies (SEAs) and local education agencies (LEAs) so they can establish, improve, or expand innovative foreign language programs for elementary and secondary school students. In awarding grants under this program, the secretary of education supports projects that promote systemic approaches to improving foreign language learning.
  • National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA) is a source for research, information and news concerning the teaching of English to limited-English-proficient students and the teaching of foreign languages to English speakers.

Information Services:

  • APEC Knowledge Bank Website is a web-based repository of education policies, legislation, strategies, and practical resources from around the Asia-Pacific Region. It is coordinated through the APEC Cyber Education Cooperation with support from the APEC Education Foundation and the APEC Education Network.
  • Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC), the world's largest English-language database of educational articles and documents, providing extensive searchability by topic as well as an electronic question and answer service, Ask ERIC.
  • USNEI-U.S. Network for Education Information provides information about U.S. education, education in other countries, recognition of foreign schools and qualifications, and studying and teaching abroad and in the United States.

Migrant Education (Canada/Mexico/United States):

  • Office of Migrant Education (OME) administers assistance programs to help migrant worker families and their children to improve their educational opportunities and to support state agencies engaged in providing education services to migrant workers.
  • Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Program makes comprehensive vocational rehabilitation (VR) services available, through support to state agencies, for migrant or seasonal farmworkers with disabilities and develops innovative methods for reaching and serving this population.

Postsecondary Education:

  • FIPSE International Programs provides an overview of FIPSE support for international projects and links to current funding programs in this area, plus program reports and staff contacts.
  • International Education Programs Service (IEPS) performs planning, policy development and grant administration functions for the 14 international higher education programs authorized under Title VI of the Higher Education Act and the Fulbright-Hayes Act. These programs are intended to improve study and research in foreign languages, area studies and international affairs.
  • National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) reviews the standards used by other countries to accredit their medical schools to determine whether these standards are comparable to those used to accredit U.S. medical schools. Accredited medical schools in countries with comparable standards can apply to participate in the U.S. federal student assistance program.

Special Education and Rehabilitation:

Career/Vocational and Technical Education:

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Last Modified: 08/16/2010