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The Teacher and Leader Effectiveness/ Standards and Assessments (TLE-SA) working groups are small groups of State leaders working together in a focused way on a specific task or challenge related to implementing their Race to the Top plans.

TLE-SA working groups:

  • Student Learning Objectives
    • The Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Workgroup, kicked off its activities in a convening of the community of practice in April of 2012, is made up of Race to the Top grantees interested in expanding their use of SLOs in their states. The workgroup, focused on ensuring the quality development, implementation and assessing the effectiveness of SLOs, is divided into five subgroups, each with its own distinct deliverable:
      • Quality Control Framework
        • This subgroup will produce a quality control framework and a toolkit that makes the framework functional.
      • Protocol
        • This subgroup will produce a model protocol to help evaluators ensure consistency of quality and rigor across SLOs.
      • Rubric
        • This subgroup will produce a rubric that can be used by more than one state or LEA to assess the quality of SLOs.
      • Individualized Tools
        • This subgroup, is designed to support states just starting out with SLOs by helping them develop tools that they need as they need them. Currently, this subgroup is working on a PowerPoint that can be used to explain to stakeholder groups what SLOs are, how they work, and who is implementing them.
      • SLO Library Subgroup
        • This subgroup will produce an interactive web-based tool that will allow users to click on individual states on a map of the United States to learn how particular states are implementing SLOs and to view annotated examples of high quality SLOs.

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Last Modified: 07/24/2013