Capacity Building Work Stream: Race to the Top Resources
Implementation and Support Unit (ISU)

New York & Ohio Regional Delivery Structures

The State Education Agency (SEA) Capacity Building work stream has been assisting New York and Ohio in reviewing and refining their regional delivery structures to better support implementation and monitoring of Race to the Top initiatives.

The New York Team has been focused on developing metrics, rubrics, survey instruments and delivery chains to evaluate how implementation is being rolled out, received and utilized as information and resources move between State, region, District and School levels. In Ohio, the RSN conducted a review and analysis of the State’s Race to the Top regional delivery structure and offered recommendations for building on a strong foundation and using data more strategically to guide State and regional supports to Districts and Schools.

New York and Ohio have also participated in joint calls to compare their regional delivery initiatives and Ohio attended the November Network Team Institute training in Albany, meeting with NY Race to the Top leaders and observing sessions devoted to curriculum modules being developed in New York. As this working group concludes in the spring, the RSN will publish multiple materials and host a webinar to share tools and processes that these states have found to be effective in leveraging regional delivery systems to support Race to the Top initiatives.

SEA Capacity Building Webinars

SEA Capacity Building Resources

For further information about the SEA Capacity Building Work Stream, contact Jamila Smith at the U.S. Department of Education, Jamila.Smith@ed.gov

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Last Modified: 07/24/2013