SY 2022-23 File Specifications

Retired File Specifications (Retired for SY 2022-23)

The following file specifications are retired in EDPass for SY 2022-23. Data files cannot be submitted for SY 2022-23 and subsequent school year collections.

  • FS180 (DG782, DG783) — N or D In Program Outcomes
  • FS181 (DG784, DG785) — N or D Exited Program Outcomes

ESS File Specifications - Active

The following data files will continue to be submitted to ESS for SY 2022-23.

  • FS206 (DG842) — School Support and Improvement v19.0  Word
  • FS212 (DG866, DG867, DG888) — Identification School Support and Improvement v19.2  Word

EDPass File Specifications Optional (Currently Inactive)

The following file specifications are optional in EDPass for SY 2022-23.

  • FS224 (DG868) — N or D Assessment Proficiency – State Agency v19.0  Word
  • FS225 (DG871) — N or D Assessment Proficiency – LEA v19.1  Word

EDPass File Specifications - Active

  • FS002 (DG74) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) School Age v19.1  Word
  • FS029 (Multiple DGs) — Directory v19.2  Word
  • FS033 (DG565, DG813) — Free and Reduced Price Lunch v19.2  Word
  • FS039 (DG18) — Grades Offered v19.0  Word
  • FS052 (DG39) — Membership v19.1  Word
  • FS059 (DG528, DG644) — Staff FTE v19.1  Word
  • FS089 (DG613) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Early Childhood v19.2  Word
  • FS129 (DG573, DG791, DG803) — CCD School v19.3  Word
  • FS190 (DG798, DG805, DG806, DG807, DG808) — Charter Authorizer Directory v19.1  Word
  • FS196 (DG825, DG826, DG827, DG828, DG829) — Management Organization for Charter Schools Roster v19.0  Word
  • FS197 (DG833) — Crosswalk of Charter Schools to Management Organizations v19.0  Word
  • FS198 (DG830, DG831, DG832) — Charter Contracts v19.0  Word
  • FS207 (DG845) — State Appropriations for Charter Schools v19.0  Word

EDPass File Specifications - Inactive

The following file specifications are not yet enabled in EDPass for SY 2022-23, but can be used for data file planning purposes. Data files cannot be submitted at this time; however, the guidance contained within the specifications has been finalized and approved by ED.

  • FS005 (DG512) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Removal to Interim Alternative Educational Setting v19.0  Word
  • FS006 (DG475) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Suspensions/Expulsions v19.1  Word
  • FS007 (DG476) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Reasons for Unilateral Removal v19.0  Word
  • FS009 (DG85) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Exiting Special Education v19.0  Word
  • FS032 (DG326) — Dropouts v19.1  Word
  • FS037 (DG548) — Title I Part A SWP/TAS Participation v19.0  Word
  • FS040 (DG306) — Graduates/Completers v19.2  Word
  • FS045 (DG519) — Immigrant v19.2  Word
  • FS050 (DG151) — Title III English Language Proficiency Results v19.2  Word
  • FS054 (DG102) — MEP Children Served - 12 Months v19.1  Word
  • FS067 (DG422) — Title III Teachers v19.2  Word
  • FS070 (DG486) — Special Education Teachers (FTE) v19.0  Word
  • FS086 (DG596) — Students Involved with Firearms v19.0  Word
  • FS088 (DG598) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Disciplinary Removals v19.0  Word
  • FS099 (DG609) — Special Education Related Services Personnel v19.0  Word
  • FS112 (DG647) — Special Education Paraprofessionals v19.0  Word
  • FS113 (DG628) — N or D Academic Achievement - State Agency v19.1  Word
  • FS116 (DG648, DG849) —Title III Students Served v19.2  Word
  • FS118 (DG655) — Homeless Students Enrolled v19.0  Word
  • FS119 (DG869, DG870) — N or D Participation - State Agency v19.0  Word
  • FS121 (DG634) — Migratory Children Eligible - 12 Months v19.1  Word
  • FS125 (DG629) — N or D Academic Achievement - LEA v19.1  Word
  • FS126 (DG668) — Title III Former EL Students v19.1  Word
  • FS127 (DG872, DG873) — N or D Participation – LEA v19.3  Word
  • FS130 (DG36) — ESEA Status v19.0  Word
  • FS131 (DG614) — LEA End of School Year Status v19.0  Word
  • FS132 (DG794) — Section 1003 Funds v19.1  Word
  • FS134 (DG670) — Title I Part A Participation v19.0  Word
  • FS137 (DG674) — English Language Proficiency Test v19.2  Word
  • FS138 (DG675) — Title III English Language Proficiency Test v19.2  Word
  • FS139 (DG676) — English Language Proficiency Results v19.3  Word
  • FS141 (DG678) — EL Enrolled v19.1  Word
  • FS143 (DG682) — Children with Disabilities (IDEA) Total Disciplinary Removals v19.0  Word
  • FS144 (DG683) — Educational Services During Expulsion v19.0  Word
  • FS145 (DG684) — MEP Services v19.0  Word
  • FS150 (DG695, DG697, DG755, DG850, DG852, DG854, DG856) — Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate v19.1  Word
  • FS151 (DG696, DG698, DG756, DG851, DG853, DG855, DG857) — Cohorts for Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate v19.1  Word
  • FS160 (DG739) — High School Graduates Postsecondary Enrollment v19.1  Word
  • FS163 (DG603) — Discipline Data v19.0  Word
  • FS165 (DG110, DG514) — Migratory Data v19.0  Word
  • FS170 (DG754) — LEA Subgrant Status v19.0  Word
  • FS175 (DG874, DG875) — Academic Achievement in Mathematics v19.2  Word
  • FS178 (DG876, DG877) — Academic Achievement in Reading/Language Arts v19.2  Word
  • FS179 (DG878, DG879) — Academic Achievement in Science v19.2  Word
  • FS185 (DG880, DG881) — Assessment Participation in Mathematics v19.3  Word
  • FS188 (DG882, DG883) — Assessment Participation in Reading/Language Arts v19.2  Word
  • FS189 (DG884, DG885) — Assessment Participation in Science v19.2  Word
  • FS193 (DG788, DG797, DG886) — Title I Allocations v19.0  Word
  • FS194 (DG818) — Young Homeless Children Served (McKinney-Vento) v19.0  Word
  • FS195 (DG814, DG887) — Chronic Absenteeism v19.3  Word
  • FS199 (DG834) — Graduation Rate Indicator Status v19.1  Word
  • FS200 (DG835) — Academic Achievement Indicator Status v19.1  Word
  • FS201 (DG836) — Other Academic Indicator Status v19.1  Word
  • FS202 (DG838) — School Quality or Student Success Indicator Status v19.1  Word
  • FS203 (DG839) — Teachers v19.0  Word
  • FS205 (DG837) — Progress Achieving English Language Proficiency Indicator Status v19.0  Word
  • FS210 (DG864) — Title III English Learner Five Years v19.1  Word
  • FS211 (DG865) — Title III English Learner Exited v19.0  Word
  • FS218 (DG889) — N or D in Program Outcomes – State Agency v19.0  Word
  • FS219 (DG890) — N or D in Program Outcomes – LEA v19.0  Word
  • FS220 (DG891) — N or D Exit Outcomes – State Agency v19.0  Word
  • FS221 (DG892) — N or D Exit Outcomes – LEA v19.0  Word
  • FS222 (DG893) — Foster Care Enrolled v19.0  Word
  • FS223 (DG22) — Title I School Status v19.0  Word
  • FS226 (DG56) — Economically Disadvantaged Students v19.1  Word

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Last Modified: 09/27/2023