RSA: Current Grantees

RSA awards grants in several categories, as described below. The long-term training category has several sub categories listed below.

Download the complete catalog of training projects:
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Long-Term Training:

These grants provide funds to colleges and universities for providing scholarship assistance to students. Students interested in scholarships should apply directly to the college or university program. RSA does not provide applications nor become involved in the selection of recipients of the scholarships.

  • Rehabilitation Counseling (master's and doctoral programs)
  • Rehabilitation Administration
  • Rehabilitation Technology
  • Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment
  • Rehabilitation of Individuals Who Are Mentally Ill
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Undergraduate Education in Rehabilitation Services
  • Rehabilitation of Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Vision Impairments
  • Rehabilitation of Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Rehabilitation Job Development and Job Placement

Comprehensive System of Personnel Development:

Grants in this field are intended to assist state vocational rehabilitation agencies to retrain vocational rehabilitation counselors to required degree standards. As such, these projects provide training only to current vocational rehabilitation counselors toward meeting Designated State Unit personnel standards required under section 101(a)(7) of the Act, commonly referred to as the Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPD). Projects are expected to develop innovative approaches (e.g., distance learning, competency-based programs, and other methods) to maximize participation in, and the effectiveness of, project training).

Continuing Education:

These grants fund programs to provide continuing education to staff of state vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies, community rehabilitation programs that provide services to state VR agencies, and RSA-funded centers for independent living within a given multi-state, federal region.

Special Topics:

These grants relate to special topics—one is a national rehabilitation leadership project. Another is a national clearinghouse for rehabilitation training material. A third is a grant to provide training and technical assistance to "Client Assistance Programs."

Training of Interpreters for Deaf Individuals:

The Training of Interpreters for Deaf Individuals program is designed to assist in providing a sufficient number of skilled interpreters to meet the needs of deaf individuals. Individuals are trained in public and private agencies, schools, and other institutions to become interpreters and to ensure the maintenance of skills necessary to provide skilled manual and/or oral interpreting.

Special Capacity Building Grants:

These grants are authorized by section 21 of the Rehabilitation Act. They are intended to increase the capacity and participation of minority entities in discretionary grant programs funded under the Act. Minority entities are defined as Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-serving institutions of higher education, and other institutions of higher education whose minority student enrollment is at least 50 percent and nonprofit and for-profit agencies at least 51 percent owned or controlled by one or more minority individuals.

Download the complete catalog of training projects:
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Last Modified: 04/25/2011