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Educational Requirements

The minimum educational requirement for a Community Rehabilitation Program Administrator is a bachelor's degree in rehabilitation, business, management, rehabilitation, public administration, or a related field. For positions in health care or medical rehabilitation settings, persons with degrees in nursing, physical therapy or occupational therapy may be placed in administrative positions.

Certification Requirements

At this time, there are no national certification requirements for community rehabilitation program administrators. Some nationally-based programs may require successful completion of specific training programs conducted by the respective parent organizations. Some states have additional requirements for community rehabilitation program administrators which may include a master's degree in community rehabilitation program administration, public administration, business administration, or a related field. In some cases, these requirements may be a prerequisite to employment.

Job Duties

Job duties in this field vary extensively depending on the focus of the particular facility. At a minimum, community rehabilitation program administrators are responsible for planning and management functions for programs, personnel and fiscal operations. Administrators must have above average communication skills, as they are required to interact extensively with professional and non-professional staff members, consumers, parents and families, employers, other professionals within the community, and the general public. The administrator is frequently required to be knowledgeable about and skilled in direct service areas provided by the facility. In medical or comprehensive rehabilitation facilities, administrators must be able to effectively communicate with allied health staff.

Placement Opportunities

Community program administrators may work in any setting in which vocational rehabilitation or independent living services are the primary focus. Examples of specific placement sites include: public rehabilitation programs, private not-for-profit centers, hospitals, community mental health and mental retardation centers, independent living centers, and employment-based programs.

Salary Ranges

Salaries for community rehabilitation program administrators vary greatly depending on the size, type and location of the programs or facilities involved. While salaries can reach levels over $80,000 per year, entry level salaries for smaller community rehabilitation programs generally begin in the $25,000 - $35,000 per year range.

Additional Information Source

Association for the Education of Community
Rehabilitation Personnel (AECRP)
c/o Research and Training Center
University of Wisconsin—Stout
P.O. Box 790
Menomonie, WI 54751

Voice: 715-232-2236
TDD: 715-232-5025
FAX: 715-232-2251

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Last Modified: 11/05/2007