Executive Summary: Efforts to Improve the Quality of Vocational Education in Secondary Schools: Impact of Federal and State Policies (2004)
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Study Questions

This study of secondary school vocational education assessed the status of Perkins III at an early stage of implementation and the current quality of vocational offerings through five broad questions:

  • What are the purposes and philosophies of vocational education in secondary schools? Have these evolved in keeping with the Perkins legislation, and how do they differ among states?

  • What other education reforms are occurring, and how have these affected vocational and technical education within states and localities? What is the influence of federal and state policies at the local level?

  • What are the state and local efforts to improve the quality of vocational education, especially with respect to the quality improvements outlined in Perkins III? Does the implementation incorporate challenging academic and technical standards? How prevalent are the practices endorsed by Perkins, and do they differ for academic and vocational teachers and schools?

  • What is the impact of changes in Perkins III on special populations and other groups and the programs that serve them? Have changes at the state level affected service delivery at the local level?

  • What are the characteristics of Tech-Prep programs? Are the states' visions for Tech-Prep reflected in local practice?

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Last Modified: 09/23/2004