RSA: Promising Practices for Older Blind Programs
Illinois OIB Committee Involvement

Division of Rehabilitation Services
IL Department of Human Services
100 S. Grand Avenue, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62762
Telephone: 217-557-7084
FAX: 217-558-4270

Illinois OIB Committee Involvement

The OIB committee provides the following functions:

  • designs curriculum for OIB service providers;

  • conducts periodic reviews of current curriculum and provides guidance on the most current techniques for OIB service provision; and

  • conducts competency assessments for new staff as well as three-year follow-up assessments on all current staff.

  • These functions provide the IDRS services through an external source that links services to the community, helps IDRS stay informed, and acts as a quality assurance mechanism.

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Last Modified: 12/05/2008