RSA: Promising Practices for Statewide Independent Living Councils and State Independent Living Programs
Oregon Collaboration Among IL Partners and Tracking and Enhancing Partner Participation

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Collaboration Among IL Partners and Tracking and Enhancing Partner Participation

There is a high level of collaboration among the DSU, SILC and CILs. The partners indicated that the success of the IL program is mostly due to the commitment of the SILC and OVRS directors to work in collaboration. Activities that foster successful collaboration are included below.

  • The SILC facilitates opportunities for all partners to provide input on work products including public notices, public hearings, planning meetings and provides opportunities to provide feedback on draft versions of the SPIL. This collaborative process results in partners feeling represented and engages them in a commitment to a solid final product.

  • Once the SPIL is approved, it is used for subsequent programmatic decisions. Partners report that the combination of involvement in, production of, and adherence to the SPIL is significant in keeping all partners committed to and successful in their mission.

  • Members of the DSU, the SILC and CILs learn about the respective roles and responsibilities of each entity through cross training efforts. Representatives made comments such as “we didn’t agree, but we understood where they were coming from and agreed to work through concerns,” indicating their mutual respect for each other

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Last Modified: 12/05/2008