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Centers for Independent Living Program

The following table lists Compliance Review Reports by state for FY 2011 to present. Click on the PDF link to view it. All PDFs are accessible.

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State or TerritoryCenter Independent Living (CIL) NameGrant Award(s)FYReport IssuedLink
AlabamaIndependent Living Center of MobileH132A9301122013August 7, 2013PDF (384KB)
ArizonaNew Horizons Independent Living CenterH132A9400212013February 6, 2014PDF (44KB)
ArkansasDelta Resource Center for Independent LivingH132A9500462013August 2, 2013PDF (181KB)
ArkansasIndependent Living Resources, aka Mainstream, Little RockH132A9300612011February 24, 2012PDF (106KB)
CaliforniaAccess to Independence (A2I)H132A970001, H132A970017, H132A9808242012December 17, 2012PDF (459KB)
CaliforniaCentral Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL)H132A970014, H132A9700082014May 14, 2014PDF (52KB)
CaliforniaDisability Services and Legal Center, Santa RosaH132A970011, H132A970012, H132A0100582011July 13, 2011PDF (131KB)
CaliforniaFREED Center for Independent LivingH132A010004, H132A9808262013February 1, 2013PDF (149KB)
CaliforniaIndependent Living Resource Center of China TownH132A970023, H132A970007, H132A9700242013May 21, 2013PDF (97KB)
CaliforniaResources for Independent Living,IncH132A0100092013March 7, 2013PDF (149KB)
CaliforniaSilicon Valley Center for Independent Living (SVILC)H132A010042, H132A9700132014April 10, 2014PDF (63KB)
ColoradoCenter for Disabilities, PuebloH132A9308032011February 24, 2012PDF (156KB)
FloridaCenter for Independent Living in Central FloridaH132A930121, H132A0100182012July 27, 2012PDF (54KB)
FloridaDisability Achievement CenterH132A9305042013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
FloridaIndependent Living Resource Center of Northeast FloridaH132A9400012014April 30, 2014PDF (53KB)
FloridaSpace Coast Center for Independent LivingH132A9301222013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
FloridaSuncoast Center for Independent Living, Inc., SarasotaH132A9400282011July 18, 2011PDF (156KB)
GeorgiaThe Middle GA Center for Independent Living, Disability ConnectionsH132A990004, H400A1004062012Not yet issuedNot yet issued
IllinoisSoyland Access to Independent Living, DecaturH132A010041, H132A960009, H132A9808332011October 28, 2011PDF (100KB)
IllinoisStone Hayes Center for Independent LivingH132A9500022013May 29, 2013PDF (166KB)
IndianaAccess Ability Center for Independent LivingH132A9305052012February 26, 2013PDF (114KB)
IndianaEverybody Counts Center for Independent Living, Inc., MerrilvilleH132A930542, H132A9808132011January 6, 2012PDF (538KB)
IowaAccess 2 IndependenceH132A9305242013Feb. 6, 2014PDF (55KB)
IowaCentral Iowa Center for Independent LivingH132A9305272012April 19, 2013PDF (206KB)
LouisianaSouthwest Louisiana Independence Center, INC-H132A9300512013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
MarylandAccessible Resources for Independence, Inc-H132A1000132013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
MarylandEastern Shore Center for Independent Living, IncH132A0000092012Not yet issuedNot yet issued
MarylandSouthern Maryland Center for Independent Living (SMCIL)H132A0500032012Sept. 20, 2012PDF (78KB)
MichiganDisability Advocates of Kent CountyH132A9300412013February 18, 2014PDF (385KB)
MissouriDisabled Citizens Alliance for Independence, IncH132A9370042013August 8, 2013PDF (332KB)
MissouriParaquadH132A9370052012December 14, 2012PDF (51KB)
MontanaLiving Independently for Today and Tomorrow, Inc., GlendiveH132A9500372011July 19, 2011PDF (111KB)
MontanaNorth Central Independent Living Services, Inc. (NCILS)H132A9500312012Sept. 10, 2012PDF (78KB)
NevadaSouthern Nevada Center for Independent LivingH132A930108, H132A9400312012February 12, 2013PDF (155KB)
New HampshireGranite State Independent Living, ConcordH132A930026, H132A940023, H132A950016, H132A0100112011December 15, 2011PDF (61KB)
New MexicoNew Vistas Independent Living Center, Santa FeH132A9300542011April 16, 2012PDF (54KB)
New YorkAccess to Independence and Mobility Independent Living Center (AIM)H132A9970052012Not yet issuedNot yet issued
New YorkAIM Independent Living CenterH132A9970052013April 2, 2013PDF (83KB)
New YorkCapitol District Center for Independence Inc.H132A9970012013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
New YorkCenter for Disability Rights, INCH132A0000172013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
New YorkGlen Falls Independent Living CenterH132A9970062013December 4, 2014PDF (111KB)
North CarolinaPathways for the Future DBA Disability PartnersH132A950032, H132A9900102012September 18, 2012PDF (59KB)
North DakotaIndependence, Inc., Center for Independent LivingH132A9500132012June 15, 2012PDF (193KB)
OhioCenter for Independent Living OptionsH132A9300202012November 26, 2012PDF (123KB)
OhioLinking Employment Abilities and PotentialH132A9808322013December 4, 2014PDF (137KB)
OklahomaAbility Resources, IncH132A9300562012January 2, 2013PDF (132KB)
OregonIndependent Living Resources, Inc., PortlandH132A9300022011February 24, 2012PDF (65KB)
PennsylvaniaRoads to Freedom Center for Independent Living of North Central Pennsylvania (CILNCPA)H132A9808412012April 17, 2012PDF (53KB)
Rhode IslandOcean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL)H132A9300332012May 3, 2012PDF (85KB)
Rhode IslandPARI Independent Living CenterH132A9300342013June 21, 2013PDF (77KB)
TennesseeJackson Center for Independent Living-H132A0100572013February 28, 2013PDF (136KB)
TennesseeTARP, INCH400A1003772013May 7, 2013PDF (103KB)
TennesseeTri-State Resource and Advocacy Corporation, Inc., ChattanoogaH132A9301142011April 17, 2012PDF (143KB)
TexasRISEH132A9600042013August 2, 2013PDF (484KB)
TexasVolar Center for Independent Living, Inc.H132A9300482012September 24, 2012PDF (78KB)
UtahUtah Independent Living CenterH132A9308112013December 4, 2014PDF (89KB)
VermontVermont Centers for Independent LivingH132A930549, H132A9300632013May 21, 2013PDF (56KB)
VirginiaENDEPENDENCE Center, IncH132A9700472013Not yet issuedNot yet issued
WisconsinIndependenceFirstH132A9300122013July 3, 2014PDF (143KB)
WyomingWyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation, Inc., CasperH132A9308152011June 29, 2011PDF (79KB)

State Independent Living Services and OIB

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