RSA Data Collection and Reporting Systems


The RSA-MIS (Management Information System) is located at The RSA-MIS supports almost all of the grant programs at RSA. Beginning Fall 2008 the RSA-MIS stores the following data collection forms.

  • Financial Status Report (SF-269) for all formula grant programs
  • Annual Program Cost Report (RSA-2)
  • Quarterly Cumulative Caseload Report (RSA-113)
  • Resolution of Applicant/Client Appeals (RSA-722)
  • Grantee Reporting Form RSA Scholars (RSA-617)
  • Annual Client Assistance Program Report (RSA-227)
  • Section 704 Pt.1 Annual Report for DSUs and SILCs (RSA-606)
  • Section 704 Pt.2 Annual Report for CILs (RSA-606)
  • Annual Report for Independent Living Services for Older Individuals who are Blind (RSA-7OB)
  • State Grant for AT Annual Progress Report
  • State Plan for Assistive Technology report
  • Annual Report for Alternative Finance Program
  • PWI Compliance Indicators and Annual Evaluation Plan (RSA-631)
  • Annual Report for Telework Program
  • Annual Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights Program Performance Report (RSA-509)
  • Report of Vending Facility Program (RSA-15)

For more information read the RSA MIS User Guide.

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RSA-911 Support Program

Reasonableness Checks and Anomalies Program

Download the RSA_ERA Errors, Reasonableness Checks and Anomalies Program at the South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department website.

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Last Modified: 01/16/2014