RSA Data Collection and Reporting Systems


The RSA-MIS (Management Information System) is located at The RSA-MIS supports almost all of the grant programs at RSA. The RSA-MIS supports the following data collection forms.

  • Financial Status Report (SF-425) for all formula grant programs
  • Annual Program Cost Report (RSA-2)
  • Quarterly Cumulative Caseload Report (RSA-113)
  • Resolution of Applicant/Client Appeals (RSA-722)
  • Grantee Reporting Form RSA Scholars (RSA-617)
  • Annual Client Assistance Program Report (RSA-227)
  • Annual Report for Independent Living Services for Older Individuals who are Blind (RSA-7OB)
  • Annual Report for Telework Program
  • Annual Protection and Advocacy of Individual Rights Program Performance Report (RSA-509)
  • Report of Vending Facility Program (RSA-15)

For more information read the RSA MIS User Guide.


To learn more about RSA—or use tools and download data—visit our Web portal at or click on one of the links below.

Last Modified: 08/13/2015