Supporting Information for the RSA 911 Data

Information on this page supports the data required for the RSA 911 file. This information is designed to be used by state Vocational Rehabilitation agencies who are responsible for collecting the data. For any given fiscal year, the RSA 911 data contains a record of demographic and programmatic data for each person who exited the Vocational Rehabilitation program in that fiscal year.

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Crosswalk of DOT to SOC Occupational Codes and Titles Sorted by DOT Code

Click on the link below to download a table of occupational codes and titles from the older Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) mapped to the newer Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). The table is sorted by the 6 digit DOT code and then by the 6 digit SOC code. Both 6 digit and 9 digit DOT codes are listed. This table is useful as a crosswalk between the two sets of occupational codes.

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September 30, 2004
“RSA-911 - Case Service Report.”
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Last Modified: 12/17/2004