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The Partnership for Family Involvement in Education - Who We Are and What We Do, April 2000
Partnership for Family Involvement in Education

What We Do
The Partnership's mission and activities

* Increase opportunities for families to be more involved in their children's learning at school and at home.
* Strengthen schools and improve student achivement levels.

Who We Are

We are thousands of partners joined together in a growing grassroots movement to support student learning according to high standards. We come from families, schools, and a variety of businesses, communities, and religions, and are organized into four groups: Family-School Partners, Employers for Learning, Community Organizations, and Religious Groups.

The Benefits of Joining

  • Connect with other groups to share ideas about educating our nation's children;
  • Work together to increase and improve efforts to help children learn;
  • Get the latest information about family involvement in education and related activities; and
  • Receive recognition for visible commitments to education at the local, state, and national levels.
Local Activities of Partners

At the local level, partners support efforts to:

  • Strengthen family-school partnerships through good communication and mutual responsibility for children's learning;
  • Adopt family- and student-friendly business practices;
  • Provide before- and after-school learning activities for children;
  • Make effective use of facilities-schools, community buildings, churches for children and families; and
  • Give parents the resources, training, and information they need to help children learn, and teachers and principals the tools they need to engage families.
Nationwide Activities of the Partnership

In addition to the numerous local activities in which Partnership members are involved, many participate in nationwide activities such as the following:

Helping children read throughout the summer and the school year. Known as the America Reads Challenge, this activity focuses on maintaining and developing children's reading skills during the summer months and before and after school. Participating children read and write for thirty minutes every day with teenage and adult partners who share a love of reading with them.

Supporting learning right from the beginning of the new school year. Known as America Goes Back to School, this activity brings Americans together during the months of August through October to

Planting the send of college attendance. Know as Think College Early, this initiative helps increase awareness about the importance of attending college and builds support for middle and high school students to take the courses needed to enter college and to be prepared financially.

Keeping kids safe and smart all the times. Supported by the 21st Century Learning Centers grant program, before-and after-school planned activities expand learning opportunity for children and drug-free environments.

To join and for more information call 1-800-USA-LEARN or visit the Web site at www.pfie.ed.gov


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