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Tried and True: September 1997--The information in this publication was current as of September 1997, and has not been updated since. Some services described in the publication may no longer be available.


On December 16, 1996, Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley and Sharon P. Robinson, the Assistant Secretary for Educational Research and Improvement, released a research agenda for obtaining new knowledge about how to improve teaching and learning in the nations schools. Secretary Riley described the report as "a foundation for education in the 21st century."

The report, Building Knowledge for a Nation of Learners, builds on the prior research achievements of the agency and sets out clear priorities for educational research geared to meet the nations future needs. The seven national priorities for research in education are:

As we press forward to advance these priorities, we recognize the high-quality research contributions of the Regional Laboratories in efforts such as this collection of proven practices, and we encourage new collaborations with schools and the Laboratories in future research and development work.

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