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Using Technology to Strengthen Employee and Family Involvement in Education - 1998

AT&T: Learning Network

As a world leader in the telecommunications industry, AT&T has long been a champion of the power of effective education and has supported that belief by contributing more than $500 million in support of education since 1984. Like those of many other companies, this investment is driven by the need for a highly competitive workforce, but AT&T also recognizes and values the quality of life inspired by educated citizens.

As a company at the forefront of the information technology revolution, AT&T continues its legacy with the AT&T Learning Network, a five-year $150 million program to bring AT&T technology and extensive support services to every public and private elementary and secondary school in the United States. This initiative, a joint business and philanthropic offer, represents AT&T's single largest commitment to education to date.

Launched in 1995, the AT&T Learning Network is designed to provide all schools with access to some of the newest information technologies, including the Internet and the World Wide Web. It was important to make this program available not to just some schools, but all schools, and it was equally important to include not only access to the technology, but help in understanding how to use it. That's why the AT&T Learning Network's free online support service includes an Internet 101 teacher tutorial on how to use the Internet; a Web Tour created by education experts to guide teachers through various education-related uses of the World Wide Web; and AskLN, an exclusive mentoring program that provides coaching to teachers, by teachers, on how to integrate technology into lesson plans and classroom activities. In addition, world-class technical assistance and links and pointers to top search engines and resources help direct teachers to valuable online education content and information.

To complement the offer from AT&T's business units, the AT&T Foundation makes available AT&T Learning Network grants to help families, schools, and communities use technology to improve teaching and learning.

AT&T believes that parents are the child's first and most important teachers and, as such, essential to a child's success in school. Therefore, AT&T Learning Network grants support projects that encourage and facilitate greater family involvement in education.

The company recognizes the critical importance of well-prepared, highly motivated teachers to student achievement, and awards AT&T Learning Network grants to support professional development opportunities for teachers in the use of technology. AT&T is also concerned with the preparation of new teachers and is working with colleges of education to integrate technology into teacher preparation programs.

Believing that learning is a lifelong process, and learning how to learn is an essential survival skill for the 21st century, AT&T's Learning Network grants aim to help build the frameworks for learning communities.

The AT&T Learning Network will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs in education and the rapid advances in technology. As the company moves from NetDays to "Next Days" (beyond wiring and connecting schools), it will continue to seek broad collaboration and creative partnerships to strengthen the impact of its work. And the AT&T Learning Network will continue to symbolize the company's belief in the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning worldwide.


Marilyn Reznick
Vice President
Education Programs
AT&T Foundation
32 Avenue of the Americas
Room 2432
New York, NY 10013


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