A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plan, 1998-2002 - September 1997

Relationship of Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives to Program Goals

NOTE: Due to its layout, the table discussed in this chapter is provided in portable document format (pdf). To view it, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader; if you do not have Acrobat, you can download a free copy from Adobe.

The Department is committed to being held accountable for measuring and reporting results on our goals and objectives. The annual performance plan will be one tool for setting goals, tracking progress, and identifying areas for improvement. The annual plan will be constructed from the budget justifications and program performance indicator plans for all our programs. Like the strategic plan, the individual program performance plans lay out goals, objectives, performance indicators and targets, data sources, and key strategies for all programs in the Department. They are directly linked to the Department's budget for each program area. In some cases, several budget line items have been aggregated into a single performance plan. The individual programs are separately identifiable, however, with at least one objective specified for each.

The annual plan--budget and program performance plans--will identify where they relate to this strategic plan. In addition, the relationship goes both ways. This strategic plan is based, in part, on objectives and indicators in draft program performance plans prepared for our key programs in winter 1997.

The following table links the Department's programs to the objectives in this strategic plan. It is intended to show where programs have a significant amount of activities or products supporting an objective.


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