A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n

U.S. Department of Education Strategic Plan, 1998-2002 - September 1997


For federal agencies and U.S. Department of Education offices mentioned in Appendices A and B.


EDDepartment of Education
DOLDepartment of Labor
HHSDepartment of Health and Human Services
NSFNational Science Foundation

ED offices:

PESPlanning and Evaluation Service
NCESNational Center for Education Statistics
OERIOffice of Educational Research and Improvement
OBEMLAOffice of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs
OESEOffice of Elementary and Secondary Education
OPEOffice of Postsecondary Education
OSERSOffice of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OVAEOffice of Vocational and Adult Education

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