A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n Report on the Section 504 Self-Evaluation - May 1996

Office of Management


The Office of Management (OM) provides administrative services for the Department. The Office deals with issues relating to equal employment opportunity, human resources management, quality workplace, training and development, labor relations, and health and environmental safety. The Office is also responsible for providing resource management services including facilities management, administrative support and audio visual communications. In addition, the Office manages information resources such as records, telecommunications, and issues relating to the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

The office is located in Federal Office Building 10B and in Regional Office Building 3 in Washington, D.C. and in various regional offices.

OM Evaluation: Program Accessibility

There are limited circumstances in which the participation of a person with a disability in the programs of the Office may be restricted or excluded temporarily. The Training and Development Group (TDG) would have to be notified in advance of computer training for visually impaired employees so that Braille manuals or larger print computers can be available. Employees needing sign language interpreters need to inform the TDG so that interpreters could be provided, although most employees with this need are generally accompanied by their own interpreter.

Several OM offices, such as TDG and the Information Resources Group, have programs for dealing with accessibility issues and accommodations. Newer programs such as the Customer Service Hotline, have alternative methods of contact, either through telephone or through the Department's computer network. This allows those who are either hearing or visually impaired to reach the source. Most of the other OM offices have peripheral relationships with persons with disabilities and normally seek to provide the accommodation upon request. These programs will need to specify in their announcements that publications and services are available in alternative formats when requested.

All OM offices have informal procedures for handling requested accommodations. Requests for individual accommodations are granted or options are offered if not readily available. Appropriate separate sessions are provided for persons with disabilities. For example, at an employee's request, some computer training classes are provided at the employee's own work station if the employee has special equipment that must be integrated into the training and the work station can be set up for regular use. Also, the Information Resources Group provides a variety of services targeted specifically for persons with disabilities including needs assessments, installation of Assistive Technologies (AT), and orientation in the use of AT with standard computer applications.

OM has nine known TTYs in: the Human Resources Group (for people requesting job information), Training and Development Center (3), the Management Systems Innovation Group (as an employee accommodation), the Equal Employment Opportunity Group, and the Information Resources Group (3).

Existing Auxiliary Aids and Services

Specific OM Services

Audio Tape
Available within the Principal Office

Available from within the Principal Office

Verbal Description
Available within the Principal Office

Available within the Principal Office

Video Closed Captioning
Available within the Principal Office

Available within the Principal Office

Available within the Principal Office

Commonly Available Services

All Principal Offices have available the following auxiliary aids and services: Large Print, Sign Language, Interpreters, Paper and Pen, and the Federal Information Relay System (FIRS). This Principal Office recognized its ability to provide the following:
Computer Diskette
Available within the Principal Office

Large Print
Available within the Principal Office

Sign Language Interpreters
Available from the Department

Paper and Pen
Available within the Principal Office

Federal Information Relay System (FIRS)
Available from the Department

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