A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n Report on the Section 504 Self-Evaluation - May 1996

Office of the Chief Financial Officer


The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) manages the Department's grants and contracts services, oversees financial management, financial control and accounting, and program analysis. The Office develops and maintains an integrated Department accounting and financial management system, including internal control as well as policy guidance and oversight of personnel. OCFO reviews and revises on a biennial basis, the fees, royalties, rents, and other charges imposed by the Department for services and items of value it provides.

The Office is located in Washington, D.C., at Federal Office Building 10B, Regional Office Building 3, the Mary E. Switzer Building, and the Portals Building.

OCFO Evaluation: Program Accessibility

There are no current circumstances in which the participation of a person with disabilities would be restricted or excluded from participating in office programs. Office staff are aware that it may be necessary to modify office policies or practices to enable persons with disabilities to participate in and benefit from office programs. Currently TTY numbers, Federal Relay numbers, and Hotline numbers are provided to the public through quarterly and bi-monthly mailings to recipients by Financial Services. These numbers are also provided by Grants and Contracts Service via electronic bulletin board, and in the Federal Register with grant notifications.

A new message is planned to be added to common numbers, such as the Financial Services hotline, which will better communicate the availability of auxiliary aids and services.

Standard text is included in all awarded contracts indicating the contractor's responsibilities in regard to its obligation not to discriminate against and to provide access for people with disabilities. This text is reviewed during initial meetings with the contractor. In addition the Financial Payments Group has also made efforts to provide equal access by providing TTY numbers, Hotline numbers, and regular mailings to recipients.

Employees within the OCFO currently make their preferences for auxiliary aids or services known to the Executive Office through their supervisor. Customers outside the OCFO can request auxiliary aids or services via mail, phone, TTY, or by computer. In both cases, the Executive Office, upon notification, procures the needed material or service from an appropriate source in a timely manner.

Currently, the OCFO has three operating TTY units. Financial Services and Grants and Contracts Service both have a centrally located unit. The CFO's main office is equipped with the third unit. There have been approximately twenty staff who have been formally trained in the use of TTY units. Refresher training and training for new staff occurs on a regular basis.

Existing Auxiliary Aids and Services

Specific OCFO Services

Braille or Taped Material
Available within the Principal Office as well as from the Department and a Principal Office contract

Audio-Visual Equipment
Available within the Principal Office as well as from the Department and a Principal Office contract

Copiers that Enlarge Print
Available within the Principal Office

Personal Readers
Available from the Department

Electronic Bulletin Board for Grants and Contracts
Available within the Principal Office and from the Department

(3) Available within the Principal Office

Commonly Available Services

All Principal Offices have available the following auxiliary aids and services: Large Print, Sign Language, Interpreters, Paper and Pen, and the Federal Information Relay System (FIRS). This Principal Office recognized its ability to provide the following:
Sign Language Interpreters
Available from the Department

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