A r c h i v e d  I n f o r m a t i o n Report on the Section 504 Self-Evaluation - May 1996

Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs


The Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) provides national leadership in promoting equal access to high quality education for language minority populations. The Office is responsible for the administration of Federal programs that address the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of educational programs for students from non-English language backgrounds. The Office is also responsible for innovative model programs that promote the study of foreign languages.

OBEMLA promotes high quality bilingual education for students in U.S. schools through communication and dissemination of the results of research and exemplary programs. The Office focuses on systematic education reform, aims to promote the national goals, and emphasizes building capacity for bilingual education at the State and local level.

OBEMLA is located in the Mary E. Switzer Building in Washington, DC.

OBEMLA Evaluation: Program Accessibility

OBEMLA staff report that they are aware that it may be necessary to modify Office policies and practices to enable people with disabilities to participate and benefit from Office programs. However, the Office reports no requests for auxiliary aids or accommodations from the public, grantees, or employees. When organizing meetings or conferences, OBEMLA seeks to ensure that the site is accessible and that persons with disabilities are accommodated. Through the Department's formal contracting regulations, OBEMLA ensures that its contractors are informed of their Section 504 responsibilities.

OBEMLA does not notify the public of the Office's willingness to provide auxiliary aids or services or to make modifications in its programs for persons with disabilities. If any person with special needs notifies the office seeking reasonable accommodations, OBEMLA has available large print, audio tape and computer diskette. It also uses the FIRS number on all announcements and regulations published for the hearing impaired. Although OBEMLA does not have a TTY, its contractor who provides a clearinghouse for information to OBEMLA customers, the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education, does have a TTY.

OBEMLA depends on the Department to provide other services if the need arises.

Existing Auxiliary Aids and Services

Specific OBEMLA Services

Audio Tape
Available within the Principal Office

Available within the Principal Office (in NCBE)

Commonly Available Services

All Principal Offices have available the following auxiliary aids and services: Large Print, Sign Language, Interpreters, Paper and Pen, and the Federal Information Relay System (FIRS). This Principal Office recognized its ability to provide the following:
Sign Language Interpreters
Available from the Department

Computer Diskette
Available within the Principal Office

Large Print
Available within the Principal Office

Federal Information Relay System (FIRS)
Available from the Department

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