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Museums & Learning: A Guide for Family Visits - April 1998

We would like to acknowledge the reviewers outside the U.S. Department of Education who commented on the book, as well as those who provided museum resource materials:

Lynn Altshul, Learning in Leadership in Families, Inc.

Ann Phillips Bay, Smithsonian Institution

Candace L. Boyer, ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/ Social Science Education

John Bunch, University of Virginia

Lynn Burkowitz, Allentown Arts Museum

Elizabeth K. Eder, American Association of Museums

Diane Gibson, Chicago Children's Museum

Heidi Hinish, National Gallery of Art

John Hogle, Exploratorium, San Francisco

Diana C.J. Mathias, Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame

Laura McKie, National Museum of Natural History

Linda Pillow, Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, Palm Springs,CA

Sarah Ridley, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery/Freer Gallery of Art

Craig Roland, University of Florida

Jean Sousa, Art Institute of Chicago

Portia Hamilton-Sperr, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia

Annie V.F. Storr, American Association of Museums and the University of Virginia

Jessie Thymes, The Field Museum of Chicago

Tanya Tucker, Association of Science-Technology Centers, Inc.

Louise W. Wiener, Learning in Leadership in Families, Inc.

Jim Zawada, Consumer Information Center

Beth Ziebarth, Smithsonian Institution


Colleagues within the U.S. Department who reviewed the booklet include:

Julie Anderson, Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs

Mary Beth Blegen, Office of the Secretary

Cynthia Hearn Dorfman, Media and Information Services

Amanda Feliciano, Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs

Rita Foy, National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum, and Assessment

Alan L. Ginsburg, Office of the Under Secretary

Sarah Howes, Office of the Secretary

Ellen Kelly-Holland, Media and Information Services

Naomi Karp, National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education

Luna Levinson, National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum, and Assessment

Nancy Paulu, Office of Reform Assistance and Dissemination

Terry K. Peterson, Office of the Secretary

Lidice Rivas, Office of the Secretary

Linda Roberts, Office of Educational Technology

Chris Smith, Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs

Gerald N. Tirozzi, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

Barbara Vespucci, Media and Information Services

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