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Purpose Of This Guidance

This document contains guidance for Title VI of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Improving America's Schools Act. Guidance in this document replaces all prior non-regulatory guidance for Chapter 2 of Title I of the former ESEA -- the predecessor program to Title VI. Previous regulations for the former Chapter 2 program are no longer applicable, and no regulations will be issued for Title VI.

This document includes an explanation of statutory requirements contained in Title VI and provides guidance for carrying out programs under Title VI. This document does requirements beyond those in the Title VI statute and other applicable Federal statutes and regulations, but encourages varying views and focuses upon what can be done, rather than setting limits. State and local recipients that follow the guidance in this document in compliance with Title VI and other applicable Federal statutes and regulations by U.S. Department of Education officials, including the Inspector General.

Throughout the document, we have used several devices to aid the reader in th guidance. Examples are provided in several places and appear in thick-lined boxes merely illustrative, and the Department encourages State Educational Agencies (State Educational Agencies (LEAs) to refer to them only as guides that might be helpful implementing programs under Title VI. Other information that the Department believe helpful in planning and implementing programs appears in thin-lined boxes.

This document also includes interpretations that are in direct response to questions in Title VI State coordinators. These interpretations appear throughout the document heading "Supplemental Guidance."

For ready reference, an index of "Frequently Asked Questions" is in the end of this document. These questions are cross-referenced to pages in the guidance answers can be found. Also, the relevant statutory and regulatory citations applications following each question.


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