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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Title VI funds be used for professional development? (See p. 8, section 6301 of Title VI, 20 USC 7351)

2. Will annual data be reported in the biennial submission of data? (See p. 23, section 6202(a)(2)(A) of Title VI, 20 USC 7332(a)(2)(A))

3. Does GEPA apply to Title VI? (See p. 23, 20 USC 1221-1234b)

4. How will the Department be involved in the evaluation of effectiveness? (See p.4, section 6202(c)(2)(B) of Title VI, 20 USC 7332(a)(2)(B))

5. In calculating its formula for distributing Title VI funds, may a State use factors other than the three listed in the statute? (See p.15, section 6102(a)(3) of Title VI, 20 USC 7312(a)(3))

6. What EDGAR requirements are now applicable to Title VI? (See p. 21, 34 C.F.R. Parts 76, 77, 80, 82, 85, and 86)

7. Do the EDGAR provisions regarding the participation of private school children apply to Title VI? (See p. 26, 34 C.F.R. 76.650-76.622)

8. May a State require that applications from LEAs be consolidated or must the LEA be given the option? (See p.11, section 14305 of Title VI, 20 USC 8854)

9. May a State continue to use an Advisory Committee? (See p. 10 )

10. Do activities funded under Title VI need to be tied to the National Education Goals and Goals 2000? (See pp 4 and 15, section 60001(b); 6303(a)(2), USC 7301(b); USC 7353(a)(2))

11. May Title VI funds be used for a statewide health-related program? (See pp. 8-9, section 6201(a)(2); 6301(b), USC 7331(a)(2); USC 7351(b))

12. Does Title VI limit public notice and dissemination requirements only to biennial data and the 1998 evaluation of effectiveness? (See p. 6, section 6202(a)(7), USC 7332(a)(7))

13. Who will define the terms "State and local reform activities" and "statewide reform activities"? (See p. 10)

14. May an LEA use Title VI funds to provide reform-oriented services to private school children? (See p. 19, section 6402(a)(1); 20 USC 7372(a)(1))

15. May Title VI funds be used to automate the library? (See p. 14, section 6301(b)(2); 20 USC 7351(b)(2))


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