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Family Involvement in Children's Education - October 1997

Appendix B: Buhrer Elementary School

Program/School, LEA, City, State

Program Description

Student Characteristics

Parent Involvement Activities/Strategies

Grades Served;


% Poverty1 and Title I Status

Buhrer Elementary School

Cleveland Public Schools

Cleveland, OH


  • Surveyed parents expressed interest in helping children better prepare for state-mandated proficiency exams and in developing a GED program for parents.

  • Collaboration with Baldwin-Wallace College provides parents with classes in parent-child communication.

  • Family math offered to families twice a year in English and Spanish; 35 parents attended in 1996.

  • All home-school communications are provided in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

  • School psychologists work regularly with parents on topics that include homework-helping skills and school attendance issues.

  • Block Parents program provides activities for parents who live far from school; staff go to a nearby library or a parent volunteer's home to address various parent concerns and share school-related information. A typical meeting attracts 18–20 parents.

    Funding Sources2:

    Title I, foundation grant, university partnership

    Evidence of Success:

  • Principal reports a continuing increase in the number of Block Parents attending school functions since the program began.

  • Approximately 300 parents participated in Parent/Family Day and visited classrooms and met teachers.

  • Two hundred parents attended teacher conferences in 1995–96.

  • Pre-K–5


    50% Hispanic

    40% African American

    5% white

    95% FRL

    Schoolwide Program

    1 All schools and districts included in this Idea Book receive Title I funding. This column indicates whether a school has implemented a schoolwide program.

    2 Administrators in many schools cannot separate the costs of parent involvement efforts from other reforms and activities. This is especially true in schools that have implemented schoolwide programs (as have most schools in this appendix). However, administrators reported that, in addition to their school or district general operating budget, the funding sources listed here provide a major source of support for their parent involvement efforts.

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