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Family Involvement in Children's Education - October 1997

Appendix B: Maine School District

Program/School, LEA, City, State

Program Description

Student Characteristics

Parent Involvement Activities/Strategies

Grades Served;


% Poverty1 and Title I Status

Maine School Administration

District #3

Thorndike, ME


  • Telephone hub site at the district high schools links all schools electronically; parents have access to computers through local schools and town offices.

  • Junior High Potluck Nights include dinner and child care if needed so that seventh- and eighth-grade students and parents can meet with teachers to discuss students' needs and ways that parents can help with their education.

  • Parents attend off-site retreats with school staff to learn about curriculum and develop strategies for increasing parent involvement; attendance has increased significantly in the past several years.

  • Family Math and Science Nights introduce parents to school curriculum.

  • Volunteer coordinators at each school help train and engage parents in school activities.

    Funding Sources2:

  • Title I, $500,000 from the Kellogg Foundation's Rural Leadership Initiative, Noyce Grant for professional development, Federal Reflective Practice Grants, Beacon Grants funded by the National Science Foundation

    Evidence of Success:

  • Three potluck nights held in 1995–96, each reaching increasing numbers of families—roughly 60, 75, and 95 families.

  • Family math and science nights reach about 200 families districtwide each year.

  • Volunteers performed 3,500 hours of work in 1995–96 school year.

  • K–12


    99% white

    50% FRL

    1 All schools and districts included in this Idea Book receive Title I funding. This column indicates whether a school has implemented a schoolwide program.

    2 Administrators in many schools cannot separate the costs of parent involvement efforts from other reforms and activities. This is especially true in schools that have implemented schoolwide programs (as have most schools in this appendix). However, administrators reported that, in addition to their school or district general operating budget, the funding sources listed here provide a major source of support for their parent involvement efforts.

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