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Educational Programs That Work - 1995


Ombudsman. A school-bases drug education/primary prevention program. Approved by JDRP for students of all abilities, grades 5-6.

Description Ombudsman is a structured course designed to reduce certain psychological and attitudinal states closely related to drug use. Through experiential activities, Ombudsman teaches healthy living skills and emphasizes information about drugs.

The course has three major phases. The first phase focuses on self-awareness and includes a series of exercises permitting students to gain a wider understanding and appreciation of their values as autonomous individuals.

The second phase teaches group skills and provides students with an opportunity to develop communication, decision-making, and problem-solving techniques that can be applied in the immediate class situation as well as in other important group contexts such as with family and peers.

The third phase is in many ways the most important: the class uses the insights and skills gained during the first two phases to plan and carry out the program within the community or school. During this phase, students have an opportunity to experience the excitement and satisfaction of reaching out to others in a creative and constructive way. The program is designed for thirty 50-minute implementation sessions.

Helen Harrill, Training Coordinator, The Drug Education Center, 1117 East Morehead, Charlotte, NC 28204. (704) 375-3784, FAX (704) 333-3784.

Developmental Funding: HEW and National Institute on Drug Abuse.
JDRP No. 78-194 (6/12/79)
Recertified (1/85)


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