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Educational Programs That Work - 1995

ME-ME Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Program

ME-ME Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Program. A school-based, multidisciplinary, year-long prevention program that helps improve children's self-esteem, their ability to solve problems and make responsible decisions, and increases their knowledge about the dangers of all drugs. Approved by JDRP for all students in grades 1-6.

Description The ME-ME Drug & Alcohol Prevention Education Program was developed to improve low self-esteem and other conditions found to be evident in most young people and adults who abuse drugs and alcohol. The program places great emphasis on enhancing the self-esteem of children during their formulative years when most of their learning and identifying who they are takes place. Children learn to make responsible decisions by learning how to predict the consequences of their choices and to recognize and resist negative peer influences. They receive the most up-to-date information about the dangers of all drugs including prescription, over-the-counter medicines, and alcohol. The ME-ME Program meets the National Goals for Education that pertain to: (1) student achievement and citizenship; and (2) safe, disciplined, drug-free schools. All classroom teachers (K-6) are responsible for implementing the program and coordinating their teaching styles with the program's goals. Activities are incorporated into all areas of the curriculum as well as noncurriculum areas. An entirely new curriculum has been written and expanded to include other areas of concern. A parent component has been added that includes areas not previously explored in other programs. All teachers must attend a six-hour training conducted at their site. Program expenses include manuals for each teacher costing $48 per set ($18 for kindergarten teachers), travel, lodging, and meal expenses for the trainer. Everything used in the program is found in the manuals. Technical assistance is available. General information about the program is available at no cost and program staff are available to conduct awareness sessions.

Artie Kearney, Ph.D., Executive Director, ME-ME, Inc., 426 West College Avenue, Appleton, WI 54911. (414) 735-0114.

Developmental Funding: USOE ESEA Title III.
JDRP No. 75-47 (5/15/75)


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