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Educational Programs That Work - 1995

Growing Healthy (R)

Growing Healthy (R). A comprehensive health education program designed to foster student competencies to make decisions enhancing their health and lives. Approved by JDRP for grades K-6.

Description Growing Healthy includes a planned sequential curriculum, a variety of teaching methods, a teacher training program, and strategies for eliciting community support for school health education. Through group and individual activities, children learn about themselves by learning about their bodies. There is one 8-12 week unit for grades K through 6. Each grade studies a separate unit specifically designed for that age group. The units include an introduction of the five senses, feelings, caring for health, and general health habits; the senses of taste, touch, and smell and their roles in communicating health information; the emotions and communication methods with regard to sight and hearing; the skeletal and muscular systems; the digestive system; the respiratory system; the circulatory system; and the nervous system. Throughout all grades, health information about safety, nutrition, environment, drugs and alcohol, hygiene, fitness, mental health, disease prevention, consumer health wellness, and life style is explored and reinforced. Access to a variety of stimulating learning resources, including audio-visuals, models, community health workers, and reading materials, is abundantly provided. The curriculum is designed to integrate with the lives and personality development of children by providing situations in which they may assume responsibility, research ideas, share knowledge, discuss values, make decisions, and create activities to illustrate their comprehension and internalization of concepts, attitudes, and feelings. The curriculum has been developed to enhance other school subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, physical education, science, and the creative arts. Twenty-four separate studies have been completed including a ten-year longitudinal study. These studies indicate that Growing Healthy was effective in increasing health-related knowledge and providing positive health-related attitudes. Growing Healthy requires a school team comprised of two classroom teachers, the principal, and one or more curriculum support persons to receive training in the grade level being adopted.

Michele Reich, Director of Education, Evaluation and Training, National Center for Health Education, 72 Spring Street, Suite 208, New York, NY 10012. (212) 334-9470.

Developmental Funding: HEW and U.S. Public Health Services.
Grades K-3 JDRP No. 80-6 (5/23/80)
Recertified (12/12/84)
Grades 5-7 JDRP No. 79-14 (5/8/79)
Recertified (3/1/85)


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