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Educational Programs That Work - 1995

Curriculum for Meeting Modern Problems (The New Model Me--2nd Edition)

Curriculum for Meeting Modern Problems (The New Model Me--2nd Edition). Designed to help students understand the causes and consequences of behavior. Approved by JDRP for all students in grades 9-12. Used as a course in itself or to supplement exiting courses.

Description The New Model Me--2nd Edition provides students with a basic understanding of why people behave as they do. It assists students in understanding the available alternatives for solving personal problems and the short- and long-term consequences of those alternatives. Dr. Ralph H. Ojemann's causal approach to behavior is the central theme of the 374-page student text. Young people increase their personal resources and improve their self-identity. They are given a framework for making constructive choices in critical decisions such as those regarding drug and alcohol use and conflict resolution. The student text, reproduced in its entirety in the teacher's manual, includes units on: Human Behavior, Self-Identity, and Controls, Decision Making, and Change: The New Model Me. The curriculum is student-centered, emphasizes esteem-building, has an attractive format, and a balance between structure and freedom for the teacher. It integrates the cognitive and affective domains, enhances reading skills, presents clear objectives, and highlights key words and phrases. It uses contemporary activities that are both personalized and integrated into the curriculum, provides ample opportunities for students to apply newly acquired knowledge, incorporates a balanced mix of text and visuals, and includes a practical teacher's manual containing a rich assortment of specially prepared materials to facilitate instruction. The New Model Me--2nd Edition fits well in social studies, language arts, health, home economics, psychology, orientation, vocational education, family living, special education, driver training, and a variety of programs for at-risk students.

John R. Rowe, Director, 15 Tuckaway Drive, Asheville, NC 28803. (704) 684-4543.

Developmental Funding: USOE ESEA Title III.
JDRP No. 74-73 (5/29/74)


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