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CHOICE, Project

CHOICE, Project. A cancer prevention program for students grades K-12. Approved by JDRP for students grades K-12.

Description Project CHOICE is a cancer prevention and risk-reduction curriculum for students in grades K-12. The program lessons are taught during a two-week time period at each grade level. The Project CHOICE curriculum consists of comprehensive, sequential units which promote three primary learning goals: (1) Students will learn cancer information and components of cancer risk; (2) Students will learn a rational process of information evaluation and decision making; and (3) Students will assume the locus of responsibility for behaviors leading to cancer risk-reduction and wellness.

The curriculum kits include original filmstrips, experiments, decision-making scenarios, group work, classroom reports, debates and discussions. The overall program emphasis is on positive health promotion, personal responsibility for health, the role of health professionals, and an understanding of risk and risk-reduction concept. The lesson themes attempt to replace a fear of cancer with a positive and active approach to maintaining health. At different grade levels the units deal with seven broad areas of cancer risk: Host Factors; Drugs--including alcohol and tobacco; Occupational Hazards; Stress; Environmental Factors--including radiation exposure; Nutrition; and Sun Exposure.

Not all cancers can or will be eliminated by cancer risk-reduction practices; therefore, students are taught to understand and recognize cancer warning signs, methods of early detection, appropriate treatment, and unproven methods of cancer treatment. By developing their own personal cancer risk-reduction plans, students enhance their awareness of their own responsibility for their health. Teachers are provided with complete lesson plans, student learning objectives, a Cancer Resource Guide with information that corresponds to lesson content, and all teaching materials.

Sarah Miller, Project Director, Project CHOICE-MP 951, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 1124 Columbia Street, Seattle, WA 98104. (206) 467-4679.

Developmental Funding: National Cancer Institute.
JDRP No. 83-18 (3/8/83)
Recertified (6/16/87)


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