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CASPAR Alcohol and Drug Education Series

CASPAR Alcohol and Drug Education Series. A curriculum to improve attitudes and cognitive knowledge related to alcohol and alcoholism. Approved for all students in grades 7-12.

Description The CASPAR Alcohol and Drug Education Series has modules for elementary grades K-3 and 3-6, intermediate grades 7-8, and high school grades 9-12. Each unit is designed for seven to ten 45-minute teaching periods, with flexibility for expansion or contraction. Factual information, personal and societal attitudes about alcohol, and decision-making and refusal skills are covered during the first six or seven periods, with alcoholism covered only during the last one to three periods when children who are experiencing family problems will be more ready to accept this information. The curricula emphasizes high student involvement through participatory activities such as debates, role plays, polls, drawings, and small-group discussions. Activities focus on real life issues and situations, and convey repeated and consistent messages about safe behavior and responsible decision making. Evaluation evidence from a number of sites indicates that proper implementation facilitates referrals increases knowledge and affects attitudes, and that these changes remain for at least a year. Published evidence also suggests that repeated exposure may decrease rates of problem drinking.

CASPAR has revised its curricula to include drug education units at all grade levels to be used in conjunction with its alcohol units. The drug lessons include participatory activities, age-appropriate information, and emphasize a nonuse message.

Priscilla J.G. Quirk, M.Ed., Associate Director, CASPAR Alcohol and Drug Education Program, 226 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143. (617) 623-2080.

Developmental Funding: (info. not available).
JDRP No. 82-42 (10/28/82)
Recertified (6/23/87)


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